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Please Read Carefully. You Are Liable For Our Equipment and Vehicles From Time They Leave Our Yard Until the Time They Are Returned To Us

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1. Indemnity
agree to defend, indemnify, and hold D.L.P. Lighting Services, LLC (“Us” or “We”) harmless from and against any and all claims, actions, causes of action, demands, rights, damages of any kind, costs, loss of profit, expenses and compensation whatsoever including court costs and attorneys' fees (“Claims”), in any way arising from, or in connection with the Vehicles and Equipment rented/leased (which vehicles and equipment, together, are referred to in this document as “Equipment”), including, without limitation, as a result of its use, maintenance, or possession, irrespective of the cause of the Claim, except as the result of our sole negligence or willful act, from the time the Equipment leaves our place of business when you rent/lease it until the Equipment is returned to us
2. Loss of or Damage to Equipment. You are responsible for loss, damage or destruction of the Equipment, including but not limited to losses while in transit, while loading and unloading, while at any and all locations, while in storage and while on your premises, except that you are not responsible for damage to or loss of the Equipment caused by our sole negligence or willful misconduct. You are also responsible for loss of use of the Equipment.

3. Protection of Others. You will take reasonable precautions in regard to the use of the Equipment to protect all persons and property from injury or damage. The Equipment shall be used only by your employees or agents qualified to use the Equipment.

4. Equipment in Working Order. We have tested the Equipment in accordance with reasonable industry standards and found it to be in working order immediately prior to the inception of this Agreement, and to the extent you have disclosed to us all of the intended uses of the Equipment, it is fit for its intended purpose. Other than what is set forth herein, you acknowledge that the Equipment is rented/leased without warranty, or guarantee, except as required by law or otherwise agreed upon by the parties at the inception of this Agreement.

5. Property Insurance. You shall, at your own expense, maintain at all times during the term of this Agreement, all risk perils property insurance (“Property Insurance”) covering the Equipment from all sources (Equipment Rental Floater or Production Package Policy) including coverage for, without limitation, (i) theft by force (ii) theft by fraudulent scheme and/or “voluntary parting” (iii) mysterious disappearance (iv) loss of use of the Equipment. Coverage shall begin from the time you or your or agents pick the Equipment up at our place of business, or take delivery of the Equipment, whichever is applicable, and shall continue until the time the Equipment is returned to and accepted by us. The Property Insurance shall be on a worldwide basis shall name us as an additional insured and as the loss payee with respect to the Equipment and shall cover all risks of loss of, or damage or destruction to the Equipment. The Property Insurance coverage shall be sufficient to cover the Equipment at its replacement value but shall, in no event, be less than $1,000,000. The Property Insurance shall be primary coverage over our insurance.
6. Workers Compensation Insurance. You shall, at your own expense, maintain worker’s compensation/employer’s liability insurance during the course of the Equipment rental with minimum limits of $1,000,000.

7. Liability Insurance. You shall, at your own expense, maintain commercial general liability insurance (“Liability Insurance”), including coverage for the operations of independent contractors and standard contractual liability coverage. The Liability Insurance shall name us as an additional insured and provide that said insurance is primary coverage. Such insurance shall remain in effect during the course of this Agreement, and shall include, without limitation, the following coverages: standard contractual liability, personal injury liability, completed operations, and product liability. The Liability Insurance shall provide general liability aggregate limits of not less than $2,000,0000 (including the coverage specified above) and not less than $1,000,000 per occurrence

8. Vehicle Insurance. You shall, at your own expense, maintain business motor vehicle liability insurance (“Vehicle Insurance”), including coverage for loading and unloading Equipment and hired motor vehicle physical damage insurance, covering owned, non-owned, hired and rented vehicles, including utility vehicles such as trailers. Coverage for physical damage shall include “comprehensive” and “collision” coverage. We shall be named as an additional insured with respect to the liability coverage, and as a loss payee with respect to the physical damage coverage. The Vehicle Insurance shall also include coverage for pollution caused by any vehicles. The Vehicle Insurance shall provide not less than $1,000,000 in combined single limits liability coverage and actual cash value for physical damage and shall provide that said insurance is primary coverage with respect to all insured, the limits of which must be exhausted before any obligation arises under our insurance.

9. Insurance Generally. All insurance maintained by you pursuant to the foregoing provisions shall contain a waiver of subrogation rights in respect of any liability imposed by this Agreement on you as against us. You shall hold us harmless from and shall bear the expense of any applicable deductible amounts and self insured retentions provided for by any of the insurance policies required to be maintained under this Agreement. In the event of loss, you shall promptly pay amount of the deductible amount or self-insured retention or the applicable portion there of to us or the insurance carrier, as applicable. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained in this Agreement, the fact that a loss may not be covered by insurance provided by you under this Agreement or, if covered, is subject to deductibles, retentions, conditions or limitations shall not affect your liability for any loss. Should you fail to procure or pay the cost of maintaining in force the insurance specified herein, or to provide us upon request with satisfactory evidence of the insurance, we may, but shall not be obliged to, procure the insurance and you shall reimburse us on demand for its costs. Lapse or cancellation of the required insurance shall be deemed to be an immediate and automatic default of this agreement. The grant by you of a sublease of the Equipment rented/leased shall not affect your obligation to procure insurance on our behalf, or otherwise affect your obligations under this Agreement.

10. Cancellation of Insurance. You and your insurance company shall provide us with not less than 30 days written notice prior to the effective date of any cancellation or material change to any insurance maintained by you pursuant to the foregoing provisions.
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